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Uisge Ban Falls | Baddeck, NS

Uisge Ban Falls Hike in Baddeck, NS

Uisge Ban Falls is located within the Uisge Ban Falls Provincial Park just outside the village of Baddeck. This was the first hike I ever did in Cape Breton and I was shocked to realize I hadn’t already written about it. Allow me to make things right again in the world and tell you all about this picturesque hiking trail along the North Branch River in Baddeck.

Hike Cape Breton Island - Uisge Ban Falls

The hike itself is classified as easy and it is really a great walk through the woods. there is little to no incline and only a bit of uneven “climbing” near the end of the trail. And, the “climbing” near the end is not necessary to get a great view of the falls. In fact, one of the best views is from a bridge that you will cross right before the “climbing” section begins.

Uisge Ban Falls

Uisge Ban FallsOf course, if you’re up to it, getting close to the falls makes for a great photo op and also entitles you to the smell of a fresh waterfall you can’t find anywhere else. The benefit if visiting Uisge Ban Falls earlier in the spring than this photo was taken are the pictures. The trees and the leaves are very pretty, but do make it challenging to get a good picture of the falls.

Uisge Ban FallsThe hike is about 2km and will take about an hour. We have yet to do this trail with Little Dude walking on his own, but I would add 30-60 minutes or so to allow for his smaller strides and the many questions he is sure to have along the way. I can tell you however that the trail is conducive to baby carrying.

Uisge Ban FallsUisge Ban Falls is a great trail for all seasons. We tend to hike it around Easter time to see the falls full of water and possibly some snow lingering in the trees and on the granite that surrounds the waterfall. However, I have hiked this trail in all seasons. Although the waterfall will have more or less water depending on the type of summer (wet or dry) the view at the end is always worth the walk.

There are picnic tables and an outhouse at the trailhead for your convenience.  The trailhead is about 5-10 minutes from Highway 105 where you will find an Irving/Tim Hortons just before the Baddeck exit. This is the most convenient place to stop before driving in to Uisge Ban Falls Provincial Park.

Enjoy the trail, some fresh Cape Breton air and most of all, the falls!

Happy Hiking!

xo Jenna


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Uisge Ban Falls Cape Breton Nova Scotia


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