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75 Healthy Snack Ideas

“Mom, can I have a snack?” I know you are with me and probably hear this 10+ times per day. Finding healthy snack ideas can sometimes be tricky, but finding a convenient way to have them ready for the dreaded “snack time” is even trickier.

Healthy Snack Tray Ideas for the whole family

If there is one thing I like it’s to find a simple solution to an ongoing “problem”. The snack tray has been the perfect solution in our household. It is a tray with multiple compartments that has a cover, like a typical vegetable tray. I have been using these types of trays as snack trays all summer and it has worked like a charm; the snack tray has even brought about some added benefits I wasn’t anticipating:

  1. Healthy Eating – Little Dude loves snacks and loves treat snacks the best, but since we have introduced the snack tray he is eating WAY MORE fruits and vegetables than ever before. It has worked great for the Mr and I as well; when we are looking for an evening snack the snack tray is the quickest thing to pull out of the fridge and is generally filled with 0 point foods making it a 100% guilt free choice.
  2. Variety – this comes from my need to make the tray “look pretty” all the time. I have found myself trying to find new things to add regularly just to add colour or variety. Pinterest is always where I look for inspiration and have found a few recipes that we’ve loved including in our snack tray. Banana sushi, no bake oatmeal bites and cucumber sandwiches are three of my favourites.
  3. Meal Times – since we fill the tray with healthy food it has become a meal time accessory as well. During pretty much ever meal I put it out on the middle of the table for everyone to snack on. Some meals it doesn’t get touched while other times sections get completely emptied. Either way, the snack tray has been a nice addition to meal time.
  4. Convenience – this was the number one reason I started making the snack trays so it was not unexpected, but it was more SUCCESSFUL than I ever thought it would be. Refilling the tray is such a breeze and having it ready to go at the first “Can I have a snack?” request of the day has been a major convenience. Not to mention I get an added mom ego boost when I can instantly say “yep, here ya go”.

75 Healthy Snack Ideas for the Whole Family you can prepare in advance, keep in the fridge and be prepared for every snack request coming to you

You can find a printable version of this entire list of healthy snack ideas at the end of this blog post; I’ve got you covered 😉

  1. Mini crispies
  2. Cereal bars
  3. Veggie straws
  4. Dried Apricots
  5. Figs
  6. Dates
  7. Raisin
  8. Cranberries
  9. Roasted Chick peas
  10. Oranges
  11. Trail mix
  12. Raw Almonds
  13. Raw Cashews
  14. Raw Walnuts
  15. Peanuts
  16. Pepperoni
  17. Salome sticks
  18. Beef Jerkey (w/o sugar)
  19. Radish
  20. Orange slices
  21. Apple slices
  22. Green grapes
  23. Red grapes
  24. Strawberries
  25. Raspberries
  26. Blueberries
  27. Blackberries
  28. Watermelon
  29. Cantaloupe
  30. Honeydew melon
  31. Tangerines
  32. Clementines
  33. Cherries
  34. Pineapple
  35. Kiwi
  36. Red pepper
  37. Green pepper
  38. Yellow pepper
  39. Orange pepper
  40. Carrots
  41. Cucumber
  42. Mushrooms
  43. Cherry tomatoes
  44. Broccoli
  45. Cauliflower
  46. Celery
  47. Peas
  48. Green olives
  49. Black olives
  50. Bread and butter pickles
  51. Dill pickles
  52. Marshmallow
  53. Puffs (baby)
  54. Cheddar cheese
  55. Mozzarella cheese
  56. Monterey Jack Jalapeño cheese
  57. Granola bars
  58. Granola bites
  59. Deli ham
  60. Deli turkey
  61. Deli roast beef
  62. Pretzels
  63. Popcorn
  64. Bite size sandwiches
  65. Sandwich wheels (otherwise known as Banana Sushi)
  66. Cucumber sandwiches
  67. Boiled eggs
  68. Deviled eggs
  69. Gold fish crackers
  70. Cereal
  71. Cookies
  72. Sushi
  73. Tuna salad cucumber bites
  74. Pumpkin seeds
  75. Yellow beans

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Healthy snack Ideas for Kids

Click here for your FREE HEALTHY SNACK IDEAS PRINTABLE PDF; the perfect reminder to keep on your fridge

If you decide to try a snack tray, make sure to tag your photo @theresashoeforthat on Instagram / Facebook and use the hashtag #theresashoeforthat – I can’t wait to see all of your healthy snack ideas!

xo Jenna


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75 Healthy Snack Ideas

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  • Reply
    September 2, 2019 at 1:41 am

    I love these genuinely healthy snack ideas of mostly fresh unprocessed foods. I also love the idea of the snack tray as part of dinner. How brilliant?!

    • Reply
      Jenna MacDonald
      September 16, 2019 at 9:34 pm

      Thanks so much Anna – it has been working like a charm in our house!

  • Reply
    September 14, 2019 at 7:46 am

    I love the tray you used in your pics! Do you remember where you got it?

    • Reply
      Jenna MacDonald
      September 16, 2019 at 9:29 pm

      It is from tupperware. I’m not sure if the make it anymore as I bought it years ago but it is worth having a look 🙂

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