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The Best of Cape Breton Island

Inverness Beach on Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island is my home away from home. Over the past 12+ years we have visited many times and each year we visit for at least a week in the summer months to take advantage of all the best Cape Breton Island has to offer.pin this blog post on pinterest image

From hiking the Skyline Trail and Franey Mountain to see world famous views to driving around the Cabot Trail in all seasons. We have taken many day trips simply to enjoy the best food Cape Breton has to offer; there is truly something for everyone.

The best of Cape Breton Island - everything begins in Baddeck

There is no doubt that once you go to Cape Breton Island your heart will never leave just as the tourism ads claim. From visiting Chirstmas Island post office, the Fortress of Louisburg, Alexander Graham Bell Museum and touring the Cabot Trail over and over again we have toured almost every corner of the island. I haven't written about all of our adventures but I have covered a few that are definitely on my "Best of Cape Breton Island" list.

The Skyline Trail is my favorite hike on Cape Breton Island. It is not too long, not too hard and has the most breathtaking view at the end of the trail.

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Uisge Ban Falls is located outside of Baddeck, the beginning and the end of the Cabot Trail. The hike itself is a great walk along the riverbank that is suitable for people of various fitness levels with stunning views of a waterfall at the end point.

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Franey Mountain was the most challenging hike on Cape Breton Island's Cabot Trail we have done to date. It is a great mix of uphill and flat - perfect for a workout with sections to chat in between. The view of the Keltic Lodge, Atlantic Ocean and river valleys make the climb worth-while.

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If you plan to enjoy everything the Cabot trail has to offer you will need more than a day, but if you are like us and trying to see as much as possible all while making it back to a home base for bedtime you can certainly do the entire trail in a day. Here is my tried and true itinerary - enjoy!

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I have tested the chowder again this summer (2019) at multiple restaurants and can assure you that Charlene's chowder remains the BEST.

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I know this doesn’t cover everything Cape Breton has to offer but it is a start! Before going on vacation this year I asked on Facebook for recommendations. Here are a few of the suggestions you guys had:

*Thanks to Ashley, Kerra, and Myra for your great suggestions!!*

If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. as I mentioned we have travelled quite a bit of the island and if nothing else I can point you to a fun railway museum, the best place for a spa break and where to get all the tasty goodies!

What are some of the Cape Breton sights on your “best of” list?

xo Jenna

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The best of Cape Breton Island


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