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How to easily remove soap residue from clothes

For the longest time I thought I was the only person on the planet with soap residue on my clothes after washing them. I was cleaning the residue off as usual one day when I decided to shoot a quick video and low and behold, my Facebook page followers LOVED it.

three pars of pants

I have been using this little trick for years and can guarantee you will never look at a ripped nylon the same way again. Hear me out… 

Soap residue – the annoying white residue that sticks to clothes primarily when they are air dried vs. dried in a drying machine. Having soap residue on clothing is always less than convenient, annoying and well just one of those things I would rather not have to deal with at all. I’m sure you are with me!

pants with soap residue

Even though you are doing the right thing to keep your clothes the best they can be for as long as possible by hanging them to dry the environment is no better off by us having to double and triple rinse (aka wasting a bunch of water).

This hack using nothing more than a nylon is going to change everything for you.

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pants with soap residue

  1. Put the nylon on your hand (if it happens to be a sock) or hold it firmly in a ball.
  2. Rub the nylon on the material/clothes where the soap residue is
  3. The soap residue will come off instantly leaving your clothes residue free and ready to wear without any extra washing/rinsing

BONUS TIP: This method (rubbing nylon on clothes) also works to remove deodorant stains! I like to credit myself with “saving” my younger cousin on his wedding day with this trick. PS If you have on too much deodorant do not give men in black suits a big hug!

xo Jenna


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