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Kindness Activities for Kids

In the midst of a global pandemic people and children alike are craving kindness. There are so many emotions, ups and downs and uncertainties in the world, but one thing remains true – it’s cool to be kind.

Kindness wins every single time. After doing our “Kindness Advent Calendar” last December I was blown away by the results… my son (who is now 4.5 years old) still talks about the “nice things” we did for people and of course reminds me all the time that we still haven’t put candy canes on people’s cars as a surprise for them to find. Clearly that one will be making this list again this year and will be a top priority to complete!

My hope is that by teaching our kids to always be kind hopefully they can all be part of making this world a better place for generations to come.

We have decided to make a conscious effort to be kind and do something a little “more” than usual at least once a week. How will we stay accountable? Well, telling my son anything is a sure way to be held accountable! He doesn’t forget anything, loves plans and loves checking things off. I decided to make a Kindness Activities for Kids Checklist to keep us on track. 

Want a copy? Take a screen shot of the image above to keep it handy on your mobile device or download a copy here for your little one to check off as you complete the kindness activities.

kindness activities for kids

Please feel free to share these Kindness Activities for Kids with your friends, family and on social media for everyone to enjoy 🙂

xo Jenna


Kindness Calendar for Kids {FREE Printables}

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