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Halloween Scavenger Hunt [FREE Printable]

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable with Free PrintableThe fun around Halloween for our family has always been the candy. The costumes, the events, and the general theme of the day are ok, but the candy is really where it’s at! A Halloween Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to “find” candy all while staying at home.

This year, since we’re all in the midst of a global pandemic, is a bit different. OK, the be fair, it’s entirely different! I am not a big fan of changing things that don’t need changing, but 2020 has certainly given us all the opportunity to find the sliver lining within all of the changes, uncertainly and day to day living.

We are opting not to go trick-or-treating this year from house to house simply to do our part to stay within our bubble and practice physical distancing the best we can. BUT there will be candy! I thought of making a scavenger hunt of sorts because just getting handed a bag of treats isn’t nearly as fun as hunting for them.

Free Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable

The scavenger hunt cards are designed with large images ideal for children who cannot read yet. I included the words as well for early readers and letter identification, but the pictures are by far the main focus in order to give the kids a sense of “I can do the hunt myself” without the help of mommy and daddy telling me where to go next.

Halloween scavenger hunt free printable

The first 6 cards are Halloween themed, while the rest of the cards are household items/locations. The idea of the Halloween Scavenger Hunt is to give the child the first card to lead them to their first location, then at that location they find another card and possibly a treat and the hunt continues. I am planning to have a candy at each stop along the way to the grand finale to make it more like trick-or-treating. And, of course my littles will be decked out in their costumes!

I wish you all have a Happy & Safe Halloween! 

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xo Jenna

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free halloween hunt printables

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