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21 Fun Things in 2021

Before I started blogging I had never heard of choosing a “word of the year”, but without me knowing there was this whole world of people who were thinking about their year intentionally and setting out a theme that was not necessarily attached to goals.

I have always been one to set lofty goals that are not the most realistic and to be honest the goals are more things I think I should have as goals vs things I want to have as goals. I have taken different approached to this over the years (2019 was a pretty good example), but for 2021 I am taking a different approach entirely.


I am looking at everything from the perspective of having fun. Going back to the basics and thinking about each item, activity or “goal” with fun in mind… I always say “well, I better do this” or “I have to do this in order to…” but I have come to realize I am not making time or making the fun things a priority. I went back to basics and made a list of FUN things that are very attainable and that I want to do but either have not done or want to do more of. In 2021 of course I fully intend to work, but am putting my best effort forward to “work to live not live to work”.


  1. Eat at Fresco
  2. Walk French Fort Cove
  3. Spa Day
  4. Dig Clams
  5. Make a Sugar Strap Cake
  6. Go for Ice Cream at Bon Ami Laitier
  7. Be in two places at once
  8. Staycation
  9. Staycation (again, because I love a good staycation!)
  10. Golf at Gowan Brae
  11. Make eggs benedict at home
  12. Hike Mount Carleton
  13. Go to Microbreweries (Bathurst, Maisonette, Tracadie, Miramichi)
  14. Watch something (get into a good series)
  15. Try the Gowan Brae Burger
  16. Have a FUN Birthday EXPERIENCE for each of us (Brad, Landon, Kate & I)
  17. Visit a winery
  18. Date Nights
  19. Color
  20. Bake Bread
  21. Walk some of the Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail

Wishing you all the best for a safe, healthy and FUN 2021!

xo Jenna

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