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Christmas Scavenger Hunt [FREE Printable]

“Mom, can we have a Christmas (scavenger) hunt???” – Little Dude

It didn’t take more than one simple question for me to jump at the idea of a Christmas Scavenger Hunt! I love the idea of adding activity into gift giving or finding ways to make the fun last a little longer. L & K LOVED the Halloween Scavenger Hunt – they had tons of fun racing around the house, upstairs, downstairs, outside, inside with their bags in tow. They filled their bags, made sure they each found something at each location and traded when one liked a certain treat more than the other… quite honestly it was everything I hoped the Halloween Scavenger Hunt could possibly be and then some.

The Christmas Scavenger Hunt is taking the same approach with cards as visual aids designed especially for children who cannot read yet. I included the word of the item/location as well but the picture is the main focus. At the beginning of the hunt the kids are given a card that will lead them to a location where they will find a small gift or treat as well as another card. The hunt goes one for as many cards as you would like to use!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

I made images for Christmas objects, but there are also a few pages of typical household locations (like a bath tub) so you can make use of those cards from holiday to holiday or even for a random activity with the kids anytime of the year.

We’re adding in a few challenges for the Christmas Scavenger Hunt! Like I mentioned, I am trying to find ways to keep the fun going while also keeping the attention and entertainment level high… In an effort to keep things simple I will likely make up the challenges as I go, but I have one planned so far 🙂

The one challenge I have planned so far is to stop and make Red Velvet Cookies! The recipe is SUPER easy, AMAZINGLY delicious and it will give L & K a use for the baking mat they will open with the challenge right away!

In L’s talks about the hunt (which has been daily…) he has given me ideas like “play a game on a tablet”, “make a snow angel”, “have a snack” as challenges he thinks would be fun. He has been sure to say that “build a snowman” is not a good idea because the snow might not be “thick” enough that day, lol. All of this to say… the challenges other than the super easy cookie recipe will be simple, fun and things the KIDS want to do.

If you’re wondering what kind of items I am hiding in the hunt… I am incorporating some stocking stuffer items as the gifts/treats. Play dough, toothpaste, a wrapped chocolate, candy bar, suckers, activity packs, etc. are items that I have wrapped up to include in the hunt so far. I divided a pack of wrapped chocolates in about 20 portions so that was a really easy way to get a lot for a little.

Have fun with this! I can’t wait to see what challenges you all come up with and the new memories we all create this holiday season.

xo Jenna

PS If you have ideas for the challenges let me know!!pin this blog post on pinterest image

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