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Cranberry Pomegranate Sparkle Mock-Tail Recipe

Raise a glass and celebrate!

New Years’ Eve, no matter where we celebrate, should be a special night of the year. The close of a year gives us the opportunity to reflect, the be thankful and to think about the people, the events and the moments that shaped our year. We all know how quickly things can change in our lives, in our countries and in the world – I took the opportunity to reflect on the year with a mock-tail recipe that goes two ways.

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The base of the drink is a cranberry pomegranate juice which has a lovely balance of tart and sweet flavours. When we add a carbonated beverage, like diet spritz up (sprite, diet sprite, etc will work) or cream soda the mock-tail takes on two very different flavours.

The cranberry pomegranate juice and diet spritz up enhances the cranberry flavour giving us a mock tail that could easily be enjoyed through the evening.

Sour Sparkle: Mix equal parts cranberry pomegranate juice & diet spritz up

The cranberry pomegranate juice and cream soda combination enhances the pomegranate flavour giving us a sweet, sipping mock tail.

Sweet Sparkle: Mix equal parts cranberry pomegranate juice & cream soda

Mock-tails are a fantastic option to add some sparkle to any special occasion, give us a great excuse to use our fancy glasses and have fun all night long. I love that these recipes taste so different but have the same base allowing you to easily get a different flavour without buying all kinds of extra ingredients.

Let’s raise a glass together and celebrate the year to come! Cheers!

xo Jenna

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