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5 Ways to Enjoy Maple Syrup Season

I recently wrote an article for Maplelicious.com sharing 5 ways to enjoy maple syrup season and would love for you to check it out, here is a sweet appetizer:

“Maple Syrup Season is New Brunswick’s fifth season.

It’s the “thaw” that comes every year.  When the sun suddenly feels much warmer than it did the day before, with the familiar winter chill most nights.

This change in the temperature is what allows the sap to “run.” We harvest this maple sap and turn it into the maple syrup we all enjoy. There are certainly a few more steps to the process … But you can learn more about them when visiting one of our local New Brunswick maple syrup producers.

My family loves taking advantage of the fifth season — the extra daylight hours and the Maplelicious treats. There are a few traditions we do every single year, but this year I’ve crafted a few more things to do during maple syrup season. Afterall, why not make the most of something so sweet?”

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