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Kindness Calendar for Kids {FREE Printables}

Being kind, thoughtful and caring are some of the most gracious attributes someone can have. Wouldn’t you love for others to say about you and your children, “oh, those parents and their little ones…they are so kind.”? Me too…

advent kindness calendar with free printables for kids

Over the past few weeks we have celebrated a birthday in our household and not just any birthday; a 4 year old birthday. The age where children fully understand that presents will be gifted. And sadly, many children (my own included) may open the gift and be thankful for a moment but then move onto the next gift, the next part of the party or in my case start talking about Christmas on the same day and what is on his list. Although I was happy Little Dude received toys he loves for his birthday I was very displeased by his lack of gratitude and how quickly he moved onto something else. It seems sometimes that he just always wants more.

The thought of his lack of satisfaction meant more to me than usual because it made me realize he might be getting this from me… I don’t like to admit it to others or myself but I am always trying to do more, achieve more, etc. Although these can be great attributes it is also deflating to achieve something, be happy for 30 seconds and then move on to the next bigger and better goal. I think we all do this to a certain extent, but it is not what I am trying to teach Little Dude; especially when it comes to stuff.

I know what you are thinking, “Jenna, chill out… this is normal. He is 4.” And, I understand that but it is our job as parents to try and turn these aggravating thankless times into teachable moments, right?! The Kindness Calendar for Kids was an idea that was born that very day.

Little Dude often talks about experiences he has had from going for a walk, a sleepover, a trip somewhere, watching excavators work, baking with someone, etc. He remembers “doing things” far more than “getting things” and is always excited to bring up a past adventures. With the help of Shelley from Let’s Live and Learn we created a FREE Printable Kindness Calendar for Kids as well as FREE individual Kindness Activity Printables to give you ideas that you can do with your kids. The great part about the ideas is they are tailored for kids (even 4 year olds) to be able to participate and “do” all of the kindness activities.

Here are links to all the FREE PDF Calendars, but keep in mind you can always take a screen shot of the picture above to have a digital copy on your phone right away.

Kindness Calendar for Kids (December 2021)

Kindness Calendar for Kids (Blank Month/Year)

Kindness Activity Printables from Shelley at Let’s Live and Learn Blog

I hope that you are able to use these printables as tools to start conversations about kindness with your little ones, use them as adults to be reminded of small but significant acts of kindness and help spread joy through your community.

If you participate and make a kindness calendar for kids, be sure to tag @theresashoeforthat and @letsliveandlearn on Instagram. We would love to see what you do with the printables and follow all of your acts of kindness using the hashtag #kindnessforkids 🙂

xo Jenna


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