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How to make Mini Golf fun for the whole Family

There are many activities that our family enjoys, but over the past few years mini golf has become the number 1 thing on our “vacation activity list”.
In the beginning it started as a filler activity when we didn’t really know what to do and wanted something a little different to add to our vacations. Mini golf checks off a few boxes for us… it’s outside, it’s usually pretty affordable, it takes up some time but doesn’t last all day, everyone in the family can do it and in the earlier days it was something we could do with a baby in a carrier quite easily.
Our first real mini golf addiction began in Florida. We were there for an extended trip and had some down days with no plans. While trying to find small activities to do we discovered the mini golf courses at Disney World. We played the first course and were given a coupon for 25% off your next round of it was within 24 hours. That turned into 4 consecutive days of Disney mini golf!
Fast forward to more recent vacations and mini golf has remained a huge hit and an activity that on top of all the other benefits was physically distanced and something by that could be done even in the Pandemic for the most part.
Some of the tips I can offer to make mini golf the best experience possible with a young family are:
  • Don’t worry about the rules
  • Keep score (even if you’re not following the rules). Some might be upset about losing but it will make it extra special when they win
  • Any course will do
  • Take pictures and videos
  • Don’t bring extra stuff, it will be very annoying to carry through the course. My favourite accessory is most recently a belt bag that allows easy access to a camera/phone, space for a small snack and leaves my hands free for clubs, score cards and a pencil.
  • Let people pass you if you’re taking a long time but don’t stress about your pace. The whole point is to have fun and enjoy the experience NOT to rush through.
  • Look up/ Look around. There are often really great spaces throughout the course to take photos and videos with different backgrounds.
  • Have fun!
To expand a little bit about my “any course will do” tip… this is really really important. My kids have had the opportunity to play mini golf at Disney and at several arguably nicer courses. They do find certain ones cooler than others but in the end they really don’t care about the course quality. One of their favourite courses is quite old and not near the quality of a Pirates Cove course, but it’s located near my in laws house and it’s a mini golf course. For them, that is enough!
If you love mini golf and have courses to recommend please let us know! We’re always trying to find mini golf courses to include in our travels.
Don’t forget to tag me on your next round of mini golf! We can’t wait to share in your experience 🙂
Xo Jenna

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