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Disney Road Trip Questions

Is there any happier conversation than one about Disney World? My family and I have started playing the “Disney Road Trip Question” game when we’re driving just about any distance and it has turned constant “Are we there yet?” into “Do you have anymore Disney questions for us?”

If you’ve been to Disney World this is a really fun way to recap your trip. The questions get you thinking about the parks, the magic and really dig into what everyone loved, hated, etc. Some of the answers might surprise you! 

If you haven’t been to Disney World, consider this your invitation to dream! Kind of like trip planning… experiencing joy from thinking about something even if it is not happening.

There are a few questions we ask all the time:

What is your favorite ride? What is your favorite park? What Character do you love the most?

BUT, there are many questions we love that make you think a little harder. The questions are not as straight forward and might spark a whole side conversation. 

I’ve prepared the questions for you in a few formats so you can easily have access to them during your next road trip.

  1. Printables you can leave in the car all the time – print out extras for Grandparent’s vehicles as well!

Take a screen shot of this image, or DOWNLOAD A FREE PDF VERSION HERE

2. Instagram Story Highlight – Follow me on Instagram and look for the “DISNEY” highlight. There are 3 images and they all look like this…

Feel free to take a screen shot of them and even create an album on your phone to save them in easily find them road trip after road trip.

I hope you have the most magical time playing the Disney questions game! Have more questions to add? Send them to me! We’re be happy to include them and even give you a shout out.

xo Jenna

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