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The problem with new sinks

the problem with new sinks
Trying to find a sink to fit when even “standard” doesn’t always mean the same thing is quite challenging! When we did our kitchen update the biggest challenge by far was to fin a sink that would center with the window, be able to use the existing faucet we owned and be the same depth as the old sink. Well, 2 out of three ain’t bad, isn’t that how it goes? We thought we had three out of three by the measurements – what I failed to consider is that the plumbing on the bottom of the new sink is different and goes down further than the old plumbing did. I’m not going to be too hard on myself though, how in the world would I have guessed that?! Our kitchen has pull outs throughout, which is quite nice but it also makes having the perfect depth (including the plumbing) of a sink pretty important if you want your pull outs to work. Here was the fix or the work-a-round I should say in 2 simple steps: 1) Remove the shelf on the right and lowered it so the basket could slide in and out again 2) Drew a line on the recycle bin and cut a piece off so that both bins could be in the glider and would not hit into the sink or the plumbing
Dad fixing garbage bin
“Don’t worry Jen, I got this!” – Dad
The problem with new sinks
“See, no big deal…”
The problem with new sinks
A pro only needs a small pencil mark to work with
The problem was fixed for $0, we can use the cabinet under the sink and we can slide the garbage and recycle bins in and out. Nothing a hack saw and a little creativity couldn’t fix.
sliding garbage can
Both bins ready to slide in and out even with lower plumbing
under kitchen sink
Under my kitchen sink…pull outs functional once again!
A special thank you to my dad for fixing what seemed like an 
impossible problem to me in about 20 minutes
Thanks Dad!
My shoes for that: Hatley Mr Fix It Boots
Mr Fix It Rubber Boots

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    Cindy Doucet
    March 7, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    Everyone needs a handyman ?

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