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Half Birthday Party

half birthday

Have you ever thrown a Half Birthday party for anyone? I had never heard of the idea until Heather posted her little girl’s half birthday celebration over a year and a half ago. When I saw the idea I immediately thought it was brilliant AND then when I realized Little Dude’s Half Birthday landed on a Saturday I was convinced to celebrate.
There are many reasons to celebrate a Half Birthday, but my favorite is having a reason to celebrate and give a few seasonal gifts. I really dislike the idea of showering kids with gifts for no reason, but at the same time Little Dude’s birthday being in the late fall and Christmas being right around the corner doesn’t give a lot of opportunity for summer toys, bathing suits, bikes, etc. to be part of the gift mix. Celebrating his Half Birthday gives us a reason to give him these items and him understand that you don’t just get gifts for no reason.
Just in case that is not a good enough reason for you, here are a few more:
1) It’s a surprise!
2) Less pressure than a full/real birthday party
3) There are no rules – not many celebrate so you can do whatever you want and have people think you’re awesome just for doing something at all

In true Half Birthday fashion I invited only a select group of people to celebrate with this tag line:
You’re invited to celebrate Little Dude’s Half Birthday
No Gifts, 1/2 a Cake and a Full Meal
Just because we bought him a few things did not mean we wanted others to arrive with gifts! The point was to get together for dinner… all of our family gives him more than enough throughout the year without having to buy something else yet again.
The party was a great success!
half birthday

half birthday

half birthday

half birthday

half birthday

half birthday

Small Side Note: If you’re having trouble folding paper popcorn boxes like I was, this video showed perfect instructions!

half birthday

Have you ever celebrated a Half Birthday? I’m not sure if this will turn into an annual event, but I’m sure Little Dude wouldn’t complain 😉

xo Jenna


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    Mommy Dearest
    April 30, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    This is Brilliant. My Oldest has his Birthday at the End of December so a half Birthday would be perfect. His half birthday actually falls on my husbands birthday. I think we may have to start this.

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